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Happy 100th Grandpa Lee

Happy 100th Grandpa Lee Spiritix Shelley Irish, 9/16/19 My grandpa was many things to many people. To me growing up, he was the man who said ‘There’s my Shelley girl!’ every time I walked in the room. He taught me how to swing a hammer, memorize word spellings, how to have delightful, respectful conversations with […]

Resident Artist at Moonrise 🌙

Resident Artist at Moonrise 🌙 Reflections of an Artistic Mystic Shelley Irish, 3/6/19 This Friday I’ll be showing as a resident artist at an arts collective for the first time in 8.5 years! 💓 I’ll be part of the Lady Luck show @ Moonrise Studios, part of the Greenwood Arts Collective!!! I’ve partnered with Marina […]

Forever Billy

My cat Billy has been gone for a week now. For 16 years he sat on my lap or close by while I placed each brick of my dream of being an artist. Be it painting, working on my website or countless hours of writing, editing photos, school work, etc, he has been there. Since […]