Syreeta K., WA (Individual Lessons – online)

Michele B., WA (Master’s Technique Oil Painting, Self Portraiture – in person)

Anapurna M., Cle Elum, WA (Creative Self Care – online)

Mylene P., WA (Personal Power Painting – in person)

“Thank you for serving and delighting our community! We heard good, appreciative feedback about the [Meditative Painting] class, Shelley!”

Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle, WA

“You are such a wonderful teacher! You’ve helped me not be afraid to put brush to canvas, and let it flow. You support me in not judging my own work when it was in progress, and support me in trusting the process, all while giving helpful guidance and direction. Though I may be a creative person in various ways in my life, I don’t consider myself an artist. But over all of the years, and all the classes and workshops I’ve taken from you, you never made me feel less than, and only build me up. You’re an inspiration and one of the absolute most talented artists I know!”

Catherine P., CO

“First of all, I am Shelley’s Dad, which puts me in a category of being biased. But I can also be objective when it comes to my experience with art classes with Shelley. I am not a stranger to the art world. I have visited many galleries and museums and have many paintings. Many people in my past, from artists to friends, have said I have a good eye for art. And thus, I have a good eye for a teacher.

But I knew virtually nothing about painting other than a few meager attempts in my youth until I started classes with Shelley as she studied at the University of Denver. We painted together in an extra room in my office and I learned many things.

We practiced and talked about cast shadows, color mixing, composition, paint mediums, types of brushes, master’s technique, blending, focal point and “where the light is coming from”.

I learned many things that have stayed in my mind for years.

One lesson that impressed me the most was when I asked her to paint a portrait and I will just watch every stroke. Here is the portrait that she painted in oil in an hour and 30 minutes.

So if you are looking for a teacher that knows it all ‘you know who to call’.

Biased-You decide-Objective-Without a Doubt. “

Patrick I., CO