Self Portraiture starts 4/6/23

Learn to paint yourself in a style that fits your personality. Will your portrait be whimsical, classical, personal, or a little bit of everything? Starting with the basics of 3D rendering and anatomical proportion, you learn to apply the painting styles of your choosing to complete your self – portrait.

Many of us have looked at ourselves and each other differently since Covid. This and gender language shifting has further opened up the discussion of how we identify and express our inner and outer selves. 

The main artistic skill building portion of the class equips you to successfully render a realistic portrait of yourself from a photograph or from life if you have a set up I approve of. I demonstrate methods for symbolizing or depicting things to do with your personal interests, and with emotional and identity expression.

I use step by step painting techniques sprinkled with imagination exercises. The class is designed for anyone from beginners to seasoned artists.

Register on Kirkland Art Center’s website.

Supply List:

Acrylic paint in the following colors:



Burnt Sienna

Raw Sienna

Red oxide or Red Ochre or Terra Rosa

Alizarin Crimson

Yellow Ochre

Cadmium Yellow

Viridian Green

Olive green

Ultramarine Blue

Phthalo Blue (regular, not green or red shades)

Dioxazine Violet


At least 7 brushes, one large (around 1” wide) and one small (1/2” or less) in these shapes:

2 Flats – (Square tipped (diagonal tipped is OK))

3 Filberts (Square base with rounded edges, make sure  one is extra small, about the width of a headphone jack)

2 Writers (Small pointed tip with wider base. On the large one of these the base can be around 3/4” or 1/2”)

Water cups: 2 – 4

Paper towels, shop towels or painter’s rags

Palette (wood, glass, plastic or paper)

Unlined paper (a few pages)

Pencil and eraser

Apron and any supplies needed to protect your clothes and working space

2 canvases total:  Stretched Canvas in your choice of size and shape, but at least 16” x 20” and  a stretched canvas 8” x 10”  

Easel – Standing or Table Top

If you want to paint from life:

A mirror big enough to see your head and neck. 

Work space is arranged so that you can see yourself and paint at the same time 

If you want to paint from a photograph:

Tape and access to a printer

Work space is arranged so that you can tape the photo of yourself in a place where you can see it well, while painting.