“Thank you for serving and delighting our community! We heard good, appreciative feedback about the [Meditative Painting] class, Shelley!”

Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle, WA


“I have attended several classes taught by Shelley Irish. All were uniquely orchestrated with fulfilling and productive outcomes. As a teacher, she has the ability to lead her students creativity in a forward direction, to uncharted awareness.

Time well spent under her tutorial. My background as an artist includes a degree from Cornish, as well as post graduate studies here and in England. I spend countless hours alone, painting, and have always benefited by the enrichment of a class by Shelley.”

Michelle B., WA


“Personal Power Painting is not your average acrylic painting class. It’s so much more! I was drawn to the class because of its unique use of reflection, introspection and personal care in the painting process. I am very interested in both personal and artistic development and this class brings both together in a very relaxed, supportive, retreat-like format. I learned different ways to tap into my creativity to make a high personalized painting. Unlike my previous paintings, the one I created in this class incorporates so much meaningful personal symbolism that I am using it as the logo for my new creative business. Thanks, Shelley, for teaching me how I can bring my whole self into the creative process!”

Mylene P, WA


“You are such a wonderful teacher! You’ve helped me not be afraid to put brush to canvas, and let it flow. You support me in not judging my own work when it was in progress, and support me in trusting the process, all while giving helpful guidance and direction. Though I may be a creative person in various ways in my life, I don’t consider myself an artist. But over all of the years, and all the classes and workshops I’ve taken from you, you never made me feel less than, and only build me up. You’re an inspiration and one of the absolute most talented artists I know!”

Catherine P., CO