“Very knowledgeable about various painting techniques and ‘easy to follow’ teaching approach. I truly enjoyed our class and time together. This helped give me a creative outlet during the pandemic season. You are an awesome teacher.”

Syreeta K., WA


First of all, I am Shelley’s Dad, which puts me in a category of being biased. But I can also be objective when it comes to my experience with art classes with Shelley. I am not a stranger to the art world. I have visited many galleries and museums and have many paintings. Many people in my past, from artists to friends, have said I have a good eye for art. And thus, I have a good eye for a teacher.

But I knew virtually nothing about painting other than a few meager attempts in my youth until I started classes with Shelley as she studied at the University of Denver. We painted together in an extra room in my office and I learned many things.

We practiced and talked about cast shadows, color mixing, composition, paint mediums, types of brushes, master’s technique, blending, focal point and “where the light is coming from”.

I learned many things that have stayed in my mind for years.

One lesson that impressed me the most was when I asked her to paint a portrait and I will just watch every stroke. Here is the portrait that she painted in oil in an hour and 30 minutes.

So if you are looking for a teacher that knows it all “you know who to call”.

Biased-You decide-Objective-Without a Doubt. 

Patrick I., CO